DSAND Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.

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Founded in 2016 by Dr Sandeep Gupta in Indore (MP) India, Expertise in producing Animal Feed supplement premixes
Mission: To meet the daily nutrient requirement of Poultry and Dairy Animals by providing best quality feed supplements, thereby improving their productivity.
Vision: We aspire to become worlds leading supplier of Animal healthcare products
Values: All our services are based on the following 3 values
1) Honesty: We always deliver what we commit
2) Transparency: Our clients trust us due to 100% transparency we maintain
3) Quality: We strive for excellence through continuous improvement

Our Key Products

Food grade ultrafiltrate purified cysteine protease (EC 3.4.22.-) enzyme fermented on vegetative sources.

• Better absorption of protein sources from feed.
• Improves overall health of the bird.

Gain lean muscles with Hydrolyzed proteins.

• Lean muscle mass
• Quick body weight gain
• Immunity booster

A booster for milk yield.

• Increases fat percentage
• Increases reproductive efficiency
• Optimizes energy balance

A booster for milk yield.

• Increases Milk % in a short time
• Improves fertility and reproduction ability
• Promotes disease resistance