Research & Innovation

DSAND offers formulation development services to help clients determine optimal dosage levels of feed formulations. We have a strong R&D department equipped with modern facilities to deliver the services those include pre – formulation, formulation development, method development, method validation, and analytical development and stability studies. Our formulation development solutions focus on the requirements of target markets to achieve quality attributes and performance metrics set by clients. We provide end to end solutions from pre-formulation to manufacturing.

Designing of a safe, efficacious, cost-effective and stable formulation is a very important step in any successful product’s life cycle. The formulation development department is expertise in the development of new formulations and the revision of existing formulations. The animal Nutritionists with decades of experience in product development serve our formulation development team. All our formulations are derived through intensive research, trial and development in a state-of-the-art facility.

  • Our strong scientific team has a broad expertise in collaborative practices with a global customer base for formulation development services and analytical support.
  • Our dedicated production team closely works with the R&D to ensure that a culture of quality is inherent in the entire product development process.
  • We have our in-house regulatory expert having experience of both regulated and emerging markets, thus providing an end to end service.